The Poo Show

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Poo Show #5

Join The Poo for the blockbuster extravaganza that is the final episode of The Poo Show.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Poo Show #4

In the fourth episode of The Poo Show, join The Poo as she thinks about water in Ethiopia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and an enormous yam.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Poo Show Biographies


The Poo, while not pretending to be a personal trainer or a Master of Criminology, is the STAR of The Poo Show. The Poo spent most of her puppethood growing up in Central Canada (i.e. Ontario), and has lived in BC for the past two years, where she frequently complains about the rain and soccer players. Her hobbies include going to the gym, working on her thesis, talking to Mr. Chips, and watching TV on DVD. Sorry all prospective puppet suitors, the Poo is happily dating Mr. Chips (but not his mustache).


The Kat, while not attempting to set a record for consecutive years of post secondary education, is the technical consultant of The Poo Show. The Kat’s claims to fame include: being on MuchMusic and being the Poo’s sister. She hopes to gain cooler claims to fame in the near future. In the interim, she presently spends her time reading about postmodernism and media (and providing the Poo with snacks). She is married to Hawso and happily bosses him around.


Mr. Chips, while not humping rucks in Quebec, is the foreign correspondent, food critic, and obscenity expert of The Poo Show. Mr. Chips loves all sorts of games, including Settlers and videogames Hawso isn’t allowed to play. Mr. Chips also loves pumping iron, growing random facial hair, and keeping his girlfriend, The Poo, entertained. Mr. Chips’ presence is greatly missed in the BC area, but the Kat appreciates her role as Fun Club President to remain unchallenged in his absence.


Hawso, while not winning meetings, eating chocolate snacks or having glands extracted, is the pessimistic obesity expert of The Poo Show. Hawso enjoys playing Xbox 360. His favorite games include: cooking for the Kat, cleaning for the Kat, filling the Brita for the Kat, shopping for the Kat, and eating crepes with the Kat. In his spare time, Hawso chauffeurs the Kat and dreams of owning an Xbox 360. Hawso spends the remainder of his time wondering when The Poo will get off his living room floor.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Poo Show #3

In this episode, The Poo discusses the oil crisis, a giant green pepper, recent movies, and prank calls.

The Poo Show #2

In the second episode of The Poo Show, join us in our new studio for: making uranium better, a guest obesity expert who is obsessed with chocolate bunnies, explosive music reviews, and an interrogation of obscenity appropriateness.

The Poo Show #1

The inaugural debut episode of The Poo Show, including world news, Fun Club news, movie madness, astrology, and viewer voices.

Welcome All of You All

This is the Poo show, starring me, the Poo. Every week I will bring you delights (not like raunchy delights-this isn't "that" type of blog) from world news, from the fun club, from entertainment, and from you, my viewers. Some may ask, the Poo, why are you doing this? And to them I say, it's not just me. It's also the Kat. But primarily I'm doing this because I crack myself up with my own jokes. So true. And if I think I'm funny, and the Kat thinks I'm funny, then there at least has to be like one more person who thinks I'm funny too. And I bet that person likes blogs. Hey! I bet YOU'RE that welcome and enjoy! After all, it is my pleasure, and I'm sure it will be yours.